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By Fehily | In News | on February 12, 2014

With it being eating disorder week, I wanted to share something very important with ye. Below is my own personal journey.
Now two things I want ye to take special note of- (a) the picture below of my 3 times my size when I was just a teenager. Around 20stone. (b)- my weight in May 2008.

Aug 06- 23 stone (145 kg)
May 07- 18.7 stone (117 kg)
Aug 07- 15 stone (95 kg)
May 08- 13 stone (82kg)

May 10- 13.7 stone (85 kg) 10% bodyfat
Aug 10- 13.7 stone (85 kg) 4.5% bodyfat
May 11- 14 stone (90 kg) 8% bodyfat
Aug 12- 15 stone (95kg) 4.5% bodyfat

Now I was always fat, over-weight, bigger, etc whatever you want to call it growing up listening to such things like : Fat =BAD, thin =GOOD. Biscuit = BAD, fruit =GOOD. These things are taught on a daily basis is primary schools. Which in MY OPINION- Our children are being set-up for a lifetime of anxiety and food and body issues. Ironically, we’re sowing the seeds of shame and guilt which form one of the primary factors behind binge-eating related obesity.

Now thing I want to get across today is, its easy to see me in school, primary or secondary or even college and say “ya of course that guy has an eating disorder’.

That’s easy, but no points for identifying that. What about the girls and boys who are quiet? Don’t interact so much? The popular ones? The brainy one? The kid who is best at sport?

Because one massive point everybody needs to get a grip of- eating disorders aren’t just isolated to the extremely fat guy and the extremely skinny girl.

That’s as much of a stereotype as saying the only people who are depressed are the people walking around sad & the only people who are gay walk around wearing pink feathers and skipping.

Now I was always big in school, weight always going up, but the question is, was I unhealthy? Yes, I ate bad food but not all the time, I trained but again not all the time.

I can honestly saying with every inch of experience the unhealthiest I have ever been was – between Aug 06 and May 07 and again in may 08! Why?? Scales obsessed!! I was on paper- shooting down the scales!!! I should be happy!! Doing anything the wrong way is never good, and certainly never good when it comes to your health!!! My skin was the worst it ever was, my mood was the worst is ever was & my energy levels were non-existent.

Now people can say what they will about me, couldn’t care less for the simple reason YOU JUDGE ME THROUGH A SOCIAL NETWORK SITE!! Say what you will about me, I spent a year ranting, but now I got your attention, im going to spend a year educating you. Im 26 years of age and iv been through more than some of you in a life time!

There is a problem in the country (health wise). We got obesity- that’s clear for all to see. We have anorexia & bulimia etc which either of the three sometimes brings mental health issues.. But what about Orthorexia’ – a media-created term meaning ‘obsession with health’ – is growing.

Health is everywhere these days- if your not exercising and not eating greens, you are the devil and shame on you! What about the people who are trying to be healthy and due to their insecurities being lead down a dark way and being robbed and made smaller but even more unhealthy??