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By Fehily | In News | on June 12, 2014


In todays world its what everybody wants, needs or does. From people buying gym membership to people taking on a personal trainer, 85-90% of people will say & trainers will hear – GOAL? – ‘Weight loss’. Many, many & so many people are under the illusion the battle is just pay and turn up and all is fixed.
The major difference in the client who gets the result they crave and the person who turns up? The WANT & the DOING. Anyone who has ever trained under me has heard this. What’s the difference in wanting to the burpee and doing the burpee? Lets say the trainer sets his watch- 60sec GO!! Client does the burpees, goes through the motion thinks its enough just to do the burpee against the clock! Now you have a client who WANTS to do the burpee- well no one wants to do burpees, but the guy/girl who WANTS the success/result, the fat loss, the weightloss, they will push themselves, they will leave themselves sprawled on the floor, with nothing more to give. Same time, same person even, on two separate occasions lets say, more burpees in the same time due to that WANT!!!

Now this WANT I talk about, this applies to so many different levels of fitness I could be here all day! Sports people, bodybuilders etc etc! Loads!!
But lets take a look at this WANT and see where the very-very over weight client gets this WANT from. What I’m about to talk about not many people will understand so I’m going to try my best to give you an insight & hopefully give trainers out there a better understanding of 23stone FAT FEHILY – to take with them to there FAT FEHILY’S!!.. its ok I’m just fat kid trapped in a fit body, I get to call people fat! ☺

I always get asked what’s the best meal plan for fat loss / weight loss? Heres my answer, if you use a calculator or a scientific formula for a client who been over weight all their life & they are BIG now, your doing it wrong. Unless you can get in the mind of the client and envision what’s its like in day to day scenarios, your not going to gain a result!!! This doesn’t mean you have to be a former fatty to achieve anything with an over weight client but you must understand these complexes that come with being fat!! The fact that you may have an over weight person sitting in front of you in the assessment room, you must understand this is a huge complex beaten for them!! Now it is not the time to go into how bad I’m currently doing or how much grams of protein I should be consuming or explain how you are going to reverse my insulin resistance problems or explain the importance of that due to their history of food abuse that carbs must only be consumed post workout due to the biggest and baddest Anabolic window!!! WHAT ARE THEIR HABITS????? Break them!!! What’s triggering them?
(I’m not having a pop off females, one basis example!!)
Now on a very quick small scale I’m going to try to explain this, lets take a female, the female who always wonders why she puts on weight after 6 months in a relationship? Lets take the sub conscience, your first 6 months, ye shared a lovely day, out shopping, went for lunch came home & your loving & caring boyfriend turns & says “ il head out, pick up a bottle of wine & a take out Chinese”- comes home, magical night = BLISS!!!
Now your sub conscience association – HAPPINESS!!!
Now lets take the relationship forward 6months, he’s always out, he’s not funny anymore etc, what does your sub conscience associate to happiness?? You want a ‘happy night again’.
Maybe, a lunch out, come home with a bottle of wine and a take away is the answer??? You repeat this or close enough to it & over time you gain weight.
Lets now open up this sub conscience association with happiness to a 19 year old who is 23stone!! A very good friend of mine asked me yesterday ‘why did you go to food so much if it made you so unhappy??’ Because it didn’t!!! That’s the sad fact of the matter it didn’t!! I hated what it did to my life but at the moment I loved it! The complexes of being over weight are everywhere, PE class, friend’s birthday, walking through the town you live, and pretty much open space people. Its makes you happy when everyone else is gone, its like any addiction, you know you shouldn’t but you still do it. This isn’t about blood sugar levels etc, this is comfort! That’s why its got to be kipped early because later in life you become in control of the shopping list.
Now to the client and trainer, I’m 23 stone, I F*cking love food, worse it is, more I love! I associate cinema with great pick n mix, minstrels & popcorn and Fanta. Nuts with a juice drink! I hate going to social occasions because I go home and comfort eat (about to train in a gym…)
Now- the trainer goes, works out my macros?? (carbs fat protein)? Works out my BMR and gives my Xg of protein per pound in bodyweight? Gives carbs when needed?? Fills the rest with fat??
9/10 the trainer gives me -
Meal1- 4 egg whites.
Meal2- apple
Meal3- Chicken salad
Meal4- tablespoon of cottage cheese.
Meal5-Fish stir fry
(If your meal plan resembles this- STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING- discussion for another day )
Say the trainer does any of the above!!! Food choices be very careful!! I’m going to say my trainer gave me poached eggs, salmon and some greens to start my day.
I got steak and nuts with some greens for another meal.
Sweet potato wedges with some chili spices.
Sweet & sour chicken
Turkey BOL.
Now I give recipes for all of the above, nothing wrong with them, fits plan? Healthy eating? Good mix up in the source of protein, but is the 23 stone FAT FEHILY ready for this? This meal plan is perfect. Its not grilled chicken and boiled broccoli?? For me and my mindset at 23 stone, you have just triggered me five times to over eat!!!!
Poached eggs and salmon! First off im not having salmon without brown bread and mayo. Poached eggs?? Runny yellow yolk?? If I have a runny poached egg, I want black pudding, from there I want a sausage, then bacon & well I’m not having that dream breakfast without lashing it on to some white toast and a mountain of butter!!!
Steak- chips!
Nuts- juice!
Wedges- bread and butter
Sweet and sour?? Batter?? Chips?? Fried rice!!!
Bolognese?? Garlic bread!!!

So trainers, be very very carful in the meal planning of a client! Im 23 stone FAT FEHILY, grab me by the scuff of the neck, own me, hit me with home truths, but understand me and my past!!! & Throw those sums in the bin!! Trust me, science comes in at a later date!!!
Now lets go back and convert each one my of FAT FEHILY negatives through food to a positive to training!!! Now lets understand, habit is a habit!! I have a strong mental strength to eating food, I just ate EG- the 2800 cal of good clean food my trainer gave me but I have a mars bar in the fridge, im full, I don’t want it but its there! Im eating it!! I feel so bad after it I drive to the shop and buy another 4!! All due my association of happiness over the years is food, nothing to do with me being hungry, setting off hormones or blood sugar levels, I just wanted the bloody thing badly!!!
Now why can’t this control be turned good?? I’m on a couch, I move for a week I lose weight! Your job as a trainer is to keep that feeling I had at week one at the front of my mind! I have 12,168 weeks in my life of associated happiness with food, make it TRAINING RESULTS!!! You have one result over a million sub conscience thoughts, bring that result to the fore front of your thought and the sub conscience cant win!! Week two,result number two? Scales going down?

Nope, two weeks of sleeping better, felling better and having more energy!! Now we have 3 more on top of our one result!! 4 thoughts at the fore fronts of our mind in two weeks!!! Im 19, giving myself 19weeks to change my life, I’m getting 4 results in a fortnight, in 19 weeks il have 38 positives to go up against my sub conscience… TIME & CONSISTANCEY.
Bodybuilding – science
Athletes – science
Physique – science
Fat-Loss / Weight-Loss – 99.9% of the time, eat better, move more & more!!!

Eoin Fehily
– 23 stone – 146 kg – 322 pounds or for description purposes – really fat.. like HUGE!!!!!!