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Fehily’s Story



Eoin like many Irish teens found himself eating junk food and large amounts of meals and doing little to no exercise. Without the genetic gift of a high Basal Metabolic Rate he increasingly gained fat until he was at a health risk carrying a high percentage of body fat and weighing in at 23stone at just 19 years of age. Eoin decided himself that it was time for a change and began to set out goals and targets to achieve success. In 2006 Eoin was weighing in a whopping and extremely unhealthy 23stone!!! He enrolled in a sports studies course at Colaiste Stiofain Naofa in Cork.

In one year he dropped down to 15stone, this was from sheer determination, resistance exercise and cleaning up his diet. Most days if the weather was good he would walk home from college which was approximately 11KM knowing that every step was taking him closer to achieving his goals.By May 2008 he had dropped down to 13.5 stone and by September 2008 he was weighing in at a remarkable 13stone and had reached that figure he wanted. The sense of achievement was mind blowing for Eoin but the goal now was maintenance and not to look back.

Eoin’s love for health and fitness was increasingly growing stronger and he wanted to put his energy and experience into helping others who suffered the same problems and there are so many people out there who do and are maybe too shy or worse they do not believe it is possible!!! The walk each day would only be a warm up for the training he would undertake upon arriving home. All Eoin would of been supplied with would be a barbell and a set of dumbells at home.

With limited equipment it forced Eoin to get creative in his training with his combination of resistance, anaerobic, aerobic and core exercise plans. After 4 years of training at home by himself, Eoin learned 1000′s of excerises and eating plans that work in order to get the CORRECT results but more importantly for you, learned 1001 excercises and eating plans that dont work – “It took me two years to drop from 23 stone to 13 stone and a further four years to become a sponsered athlete, now today for me to take on a client with the same drive as me and my experience – it would take less than 2, easy”- Eoin Fehily It wasn’t all plain sailing for Eoin as in 2009 Eoin ruptured his ACL and had an operation in September but with rehab and using the knowledge and skills he had gained he was fully recovered by May 2010- “long-term injuries are never nice but you can’t let it stop you, you have to work on them and with them and not let them side track you on your road to success”- Eoin Fehily He picked up several different coaching badges in college along with a NCEF Level 1&2 qualification which officially made him a qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

Eoin started working at Dennehy’s Health and Fitness Club in Ballincollig in July 2010. A brand new fitness club owned by his childhood friend who also attended the same college and both successfully completed their qualifications together and the club immediately developed a strong presence in Ballincollig and eventually in Cork. Eoin became Personal Training Development Manager at Dennehy’s in 2012 and started a new system which saw Dennehy’s increase their personal Training Clienteles and in the upcoming months he was training up plenty of new staff and providing more and more jobs for Personal Trainers in Cork and really leading the fitness market, it is hard to believe this man was 23 stone at 19years of age when you look at him today.

Now with Fehily’s Fitness , Eoin wants to help the people who are too shy or not confident enough to walk through the front door of the gym by offering one to one personal attention in a private and confidential evironment in his offices, studio or via the internet. Eoin hopes with the option of remaining private, this will encourage people to have no more insecurities and help them on there way to a better more fullfilling life, as Eoin has been there and can relate to each and every pound of unwanted wieght! For all those people out there young and old that are overweight, falling short in sporting goals and cursed with injuries looking at pictures of stars and athletes saying ‘that could never be me, I am not gifted like that, I don’t have the genetics’ they are wrong Eoin Fehily is living proof of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.- “The most powerful muscle in the body is the brain, if you never take your mind off your goal and never give up, the body has no option but to follow.” Eoin Fehily