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By Fehily | In News | on March 12, 2014

“I want..”

In Aug 2006 I weighed 23 stone(146kg)

In Aug 2008 I weighed 13 stone(83kg)
That works out at losing .7 of a pound each week.


Now I’m sick of people getting down when they only lose 1pound in a week! Look at the size of a pound of butter!!!
From everyone in the fitness industry we are sorry you couldn’t achieve your dream body after one month in the gym after you taking 20/30/40 years to decide to do something about it.

If you ‘want’ a quick result and are unhappy with this progress then you are one of the millions trying ‘to buy a product’ & not change your lifestyle.

Do you know who doesn’t eat like a caveman?? Usain Bolt

Who eats fat? Jessica Ennis
Potatoes? Paul o Connell
Bread? Chris Hoy
Red meat(everyday)? The All Blacks

Who doesn’t intermit fast??
Robbie Coleman

Who produced a six pack from weight watchers?? No one

Who gets fit healthy & long lasting results from a ’7day detox diet’??
No one.. EVER!!!

There was weeks & even months where my weight didn’t change – I didn’t care

There was days I didn’t want to train – I didn’t care

When I didn’t hit my targets – I didn’t care

When I did hit my targets – I didn’t care.

I’m not a dog! I didn’t reward myself with treats for doing something I should of been doing! Also I’m not a baby I didn’t treat myself if I was unhappy!!

It’s a lifestyle, I want to be able to be 90 years old and wipe my own ass!
I didn’t celebrate a pound dropped or cry when I gained a pound because there is no end to a lifestyle, I always want to be better!!
I have a WANT to be better!!
And when YOU develop a want, you gain focus, determination, motivation, attitude & focus.

From all these attributes you will gain patience!

Through patience you gain a healthy lifestyle and then the body you have dreamed off!

But never ever sacrifice health for a body!! No point in having a six-pack, six foot under!!

Now I have to do legs on a Monday!! Oh no!!
Bitch please, it’s better than watching Jeremy Kyle!!!!

‘Get a want’