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By Fehily | In News | on April 12, 2014

“Playing on a clients insecurities for a quick buck”

One thing I will not ever do, is play in emotions and insecurities of over weight people. I have such disappointment to certain sectors of this industry.

I feel sorry for the people who keep falling for the “trends” for the simple reason of I had a credit card at the age of 19 at 23 stone I would of bought anything from the internet to help me ‘change my life in for weeks’.

It is easy to change your life, I will testify for that but it is hard work. What I mean by that is if you WANT IT, you’ll get it. It’s in your own hands.

Now walking and barely eating gets results.

Cardio twice a day and gym weights 5 days a week on a 1200 cal diet gets results.

Counting points and under eating horror processed foods gets results.

Getting motivated to buy protein bars and shakes and making sure your under hitting calorie intake gets results.

But what F*cking results are these?? People bank accounts surging through the roof, & then what? What happens the client who looked so happy in the after photo?

Smaller doesn’t mean healthier!!!! I could easily sign a endorsement deal with a protein bar or herbal chocolate shake and proclaim this is how I lost all my weight!! But it would be lies.

How I lost my weight?? I went from the 23stone guy smoking to to 13stone guy in the picture smoking by under-eating and loads of cardio!!

That’s how I know it works!! But F*ck me was I unhealthy!! That’s y I won’t let people do it. A picture and a number doesn’t tell the story!!! I drank 2/3 times a week, smoked, ate a crap meal once a week!! The ol “cheat meal”. Cheat from what I was pissing around the place!!!

How I went from the the 13 stone smoker to the 15stone guy with the muscle. I trained, I trained hard and I ate, a lot of food!! Sure it takes time but I was hardly going to build up muscle in 8 weeks with a secret shake!! People need to know all the bullshit that’s put there!
People still buy into -
Walking is enough.
Low fat foods
Protein bars
Training twice a day
Low calorie diet
No carbs after 6(please do tell how your body knows the time of day)(what about time zones??)
Girls weights will get you bulky.

Why don’t I set up some cult and well tell no one what we do but well all walk around skinny and wanting to jump off a bridge??

If anything in life is too good to be true is it!!! Never more so than in the fitness industry.

People think F.1.T is “hardcore” training. No it’s not, I’m just not going to take your money to go on a treadmill. I’m not going to give you an under eating diet, I’m not going to allow you come in a fake a workout.

That’s another think, I hate training!!! Love it after but during hate every minute of it!! So should you, you’ll be doing right, you’ll be happy as could be when you actually put in the work and change your life!!!

People ask your trainer 1000 questions, ask the person doing the meal plans questions? How many cals? Why cardio? Why twice a day?
Why so many supplements? What’s the plan after your “happy” after picture?

There is always 1000 ways of doing anything, tends to be generally one right way!!

Train hard. Eat a lot. Be happy. Best the bullshit.

Good Friday

Happy client-

“It’s not too much at all,it’s just a small token to say thanks.You deserve a lot more!!There are plenty of people out there taking people’s hard earned money when they’re weak and vulnerable and will do anything to lose weight!!You tell it like it is, you don’t sugarcoat things and you get the job done.You’ve been there,so you understand the emotional side as well as the physical and food side and that’s what the difference is,I think.I always thought I was a great role model for my daughter but I so wasn’t!! While I made sure she was healthy and active,I didn’t care enough about myself to do the same and I made excuse after excuse.Well now I know I am by leading by example and I’m so grateful for that.Eoin you were worth it,it was an investment in mine and my family’s future and I mean it I’ll be forever grateful,I made the right choice.Now that’s enough mushy stuff,I’ve meals to plan;)