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“It’s not too much at all,it’s just a small token to say thanks.You deserve a lot more!!There are plenty of people out there taking people’s hard earned money when they’re weak and vulnerable and will do anything to lose weight!!You tell it like it is, you don’t sugarcoat things and you get the job done.You’ve been there,so you understand the emotional side as well as the physical and food side and that’s what the difference is,I think.I always thought I was a great role model for my daughter but I so wasn’t!!

While I made sure she was healthy and active,I didn’t care enough about myself to do the same and I made excuse after excuse.Well now I know I am by leading by example and I’m so grateful for that.Eoin you were worth it,it was an investment in mine and my family’s future and I mean it I’ll be forever grateful,I made the right choice.Now that’s enough mushy stuff,I’ve meals to plan;)

- Fiona

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The unseen benefits

How much do us women spend on creams, lotions and potions.

There’s eye cream, neck cream, bust cream, cream for your ankles, cellulite, ear lobes and big toe. Never mind hair care and nail care.As a make up artist for 12 years and a beauty blogger for the last 12 months I’ve tried A LOT of products. From high-end to budget. Wonder products, break through finds and those notorious flashes in the pan.

The most dramatic difference I’ve seen from any treatment or product came from none of the above. Eating right and exercise has done more for my beauty regime then anything I’ve wasted money on before.The millions of litres of water Eoin will make you drink……plumped up my eye area, softened fine lines and rehydrated my skin faster then any hydrating moisturiser. It clears blemishes, reduces dull looking skin and that tight feeling you get after washing….eliminated.The supplements, fish oils and flaxseed I begrudging swallowed? Gave me a deeper, darken tan (in Ireland!!!) then I’ve ever gotten on a foreign holiday. Along with making my nails stronger and hair shinier.

That impossible to shift cellulite on the top of your thighs that even Elle MacPherson is susceptible to? Almost invisible when good clean eating is combined with correct exercise. Those bumpy white pimples we get on the tops on your arms and thighs ? Mine have disappeared for the first time ever.

Besides all that, I feel better, have more confidence and even hold myself better. The sexist thing about a woman is her self esteem. That and her smile. I know I can’t help smiling when I feel and look better then I have in a long time…

Kate Noonan- Ballincollig

This time last year i was proberly the unhappiest ive ever felt, my life consisted of eating take away food, going drinking with the lads every weekend and feeling like sh*t constantly. The picture on the left was taken about 2 weeks before i got in contact with Eoin, in the picture i weighed a massive 18 stone!!

Most people who know me would know that i was the fella always smiling and out drinking and having a laugh but inside i was feeling the lowest i have ever felt. I used to dread when the weather started to get good because i never wanted to be in a t-shirt i used to hide away in my big black jacket. After that picture was taken i text Eoin to find out if he was availble to help me change my life. It was in June when i started with Eoin and by god it was the best decision of my life! When i first met Eoin i honestly tought he was going to be one of these intimadating trainers. But he was far from it, Hes attitude to getting results was unreal!!!

The first day i walked into his office he told me if i did everything he told me to do and gave 100% i will achive the best results possible and the man couldn’t OF been more correct.

Training with Eoin was torture and the pain was on another level, but week after week i could feel myself get stronger and stronger. For anyone who is thinking of going to Fehilys fitness dont think its a walk in the park, Eoin takes no bullshit and no excuses!!! The man will put you thru so much pain in the gym to the point were u feel like getting up and walking out but he does not let you quit! He pushes you to limits that you would not think is possible!

After i left Eoin i had confideance lthat ive never felt before, Only few days ago i had an interview for Stiophain Naofa for Coach education and hopefully move on to become a personal trainer!

Im also going to Portugal in September with my girlfriend but if this was last year i wouldnt of even had the confidence to go abroad due to taking my top off! The man has honestly changed my life.

This is the first summer that im honestly looking forward to because i dont have the worry of being the “Fat kid in the jacket” For anybody who is thinking of changing their life Eoin Fehily is the Man to go to! You give 100% commitment he will get you the best resluts posiible!

Daniel – Ballincollig

“Have being going to the gym for a number of years but never found anything to work for me put in loads of time just couldn’t get the results. Until I went to Eoin of Fehilys fitness and he transformed my eating and training and then my life. Found my eating programme tough at the start but got so used to it. And now love the structure of it. Went training weekly wit Eoin.

As much as I hated it while we were training. Felt brilliant afterwards. He really pushed me to the limit but definitely got the right results. Could have never done it on my own. Would highly recommend it to anyone. Never felt better. Thanks a lot Eoin. Roll on more training”


“A strict diet, and enjoyable training programme – just what i needed!”

- Helena Barry

“I was relying on a wheelchair and needed 24hour care”

- Lisa Fenlon

“From the outset, Eoin instilled me with confidence and reassured me that all my goals would be achieved if I did exactly what I was told!!

- Serena Cotter

“Eat clean, train hard .. Win easy!!”

- Orla O Brien

“Constant adapting and changing of both diets and training continues to yield results”

- Dorothy Coffey

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